PIC based Greenhouse monitoring and controlling system 1

Project Title: PIC based Greenhouse monitoring and controlling system

PIC based Greenhouse parameters monitoring and controlling project is aimed for the applications in Greenhouse. Greenhouse is a structure or building prepared to cultivate plants in certain environment conditions. These environment conditions or parameters are like temperature, humidity, sunlight, moisture of soil, PH level of soil etc. These parameters are set as per the plants to be grown inside the greenhouse.

Our project does 2 functions.

First one is to monitor the various parameters. Here we have chosen Temperature, Humidity and Sunlight as the parameters to be monitored. To sense these parameters, we have used respective sensors.

Second part of the project is to control these parameters. Controlling action is done when these parameters cross the desired or set level. For controlling purpose we have used relays. At the output of relay either we can connect respective controlling devices or simply buzzers to notify users.

Block Diagram:


Greenhouse Monitoring and controlling system

Block Diagram Description:
PIC Microcontroller (16F73):
This is central processing unit (CPU) of the complete project. It performs various functions mentioned below:
1. It takes data from various sensors.
2. Displays it on Liquid crystal display (LCD)
3. Compares the received data with the predetermined / set data
4. Turn on / off the respective relays depending upon the values of various parameters.

Temperature sensor:
We have used LM35 as a temperature sensor.

Humidity sensor:
Humidity sensor used is SY HS 220

Light sensor:
Light sensor used is a simple LDR – Light Dependant Resistance

Liquid Crystal Display (LCD):
We have used 16×2 alphanumeric LCD display.

Amplifier is required for the temperature sensor. Output of temperature sensor is in milivolts. So we need to amplify it. We have used 358 as an amplifier.

We have used 12 volt SPST relay to control the parameters.

1. This project can be used in Greenhouse to monitor and control the parameters of the plants.

1. This project reduces / removes the human effort required to monitor and control the  parameters

Future Development / Enhancement to the project:
1. More parameters like Humidity, PH of soil, pressure, water level can be monitored and controled.
2. Variations in all parameters can be drawn using graphs on a computer.
3. Internet or Mobile (GSM modem) can be used to send this data to a remote location.

Project Photographs:

Project Cost: (in Indian Rupees)
Rs. 6500/- (Temp & LDR sensor)
Rs. 7000/- (Temp, LDR & Humidity sensor)

You will get a CD having following things with fully assembled project:
1. Circuit diagram of the project
2. PIC Microcontroller program in embedded C language
3. PCB layout of the project
4. Project report
5. Datasheets of all ICs used in the project

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