Library Management System

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You will get a CD with this project
CD contains following things with fully assembled project:

1. Project report
2. Circuit diagram of the project
3. PCB layout of the project
4. PIC Microcontroller program in embedded C language
5. Datasheets of all ICs used in the project

In conventional library system the records of book issued, book returned etc. are kept manually in registers. Also if there is facility to study in library, the records of time allotted to the person are also important .To perform all these tasks we are developing the Library management system. The system will be all in one which consists of facilities for access control, time keeping and records of books issued etc.

In this system every user who wants to use library facility will be issued one card. This card will consist of memory in which all the data related to that user will be stored. This data contain user ID, Time allotted to him/her, books issued to him/her.

The access control system will be placed at door of library. Every time when user wants access to the library he/she needs to insert his/her card there. The system will read the time (balance) remaining for the user. If sufficient balance is there in the card, the access will be given to the user. When user wants to return books or take new books he need to give card to the librarian. Then he will write the entry for new books issued and delete the entry of the books returned.

The time keeping is done using RTC. When user enters the card for the access that time will be stored. When user wants to exit from the library he/she again needs to enter the card for door access. This card entry time will be also stored. Then by comparing entry time and exit time total time spend by user in library will be calculated and that time (or accordingly the balance in terms of money) will be deducted from his account and new balance will be written to the card.


Unit for access at door:

The system will consists of micro controller, LCD to display different messages such as insert card, valid card, access allowed and balance, keyboard to enter password, RTC to keep records of time, memory to store the time records and relay for open and close the door.

Unit in the library:

This unit is connected to the PC at librarian’s table. The entry for books can be written on the user’s card using this unit. Also the data on the user’s card can be read using this unit.


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